Stage 4 Band

Stage 4 is the brainchild of Stan Grubbs, an accomplished musician, drummer and percussionist. He has united two gifted smooth jazz & R&B performers, Buddy McDaniel (saxophonist) and Steve McDade (bass) to anchor the band.

Stage 4 brings forth talented Musicians that have a delectable style that will satisfy any music lovers’ appetite. Their individual achievements are astounding. Working with music makers such as Capital Records, Motown, Casablanca and Chocolate City to name a few.

Collectively they are a dynamic musical force to be reckoned with. To round off the sound, Stage 4 uses three outstanding vocalists in their own right. Alphabetically they are Donna Kirk and Arnold Riggs.

When asked what genre does Stage 4 fall under there’s no short answer. Truthfully, Stage 4 has literally created their own genre titled “Superb Sound.” Of course their style encompasses Smooth Jazz and R&B but each musician brings something so unique to the table that “Only You” after hearing them will be able to classify their sound.

So sit back, relax, tap your shoes and come along and ride with us on this fantastic voyage! Thank You for viewing our webpage! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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